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We are currently engaged in an Appeal process regarding the GDARD environmental report. The JHB Wes Afriforum branch has submitted an appeal and needs help from suitably qualified experts in order to complete the appeals process adequately. We require the following experts to confirm that the reports which were submitted during the Environmental Impact Assessment are in fact correct and reflect the accurate facts with regard to this proposed development and its impact on the environment.

The following experts are needed to substantiate our appeal:
  1. Electrical Engineer (Power reticulation)
  2. Mechanical/Civil Engineer (Main water supply)
  3. Mechanical/Civil Engineer (Sewage capacity, downstream)
  4. Traffic Engineer (Roads)
  5. Environmental Consultant
  6. Geologist (Aquafer, Geology/water)

This is a very costly process and additional funding is required for the above mentioned expert reports. You can join Afriforum and become a member by means of a monthly contribution or you can make a once off payment to fund this process.
Please see forms below.
You can return the completed forms to afriforum.jhbwes@gmail.com